How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter

The holidays are over but we are still in the middle of winter and we have a few more months of cold, dark days ahead of us. We have put together some of our favorite cuddle worthy items so you and your loved ones can stay warm for the rest of the winter. So put on your fuzzy socks and settle in and enjoy our list of how to make your home cozy for winter.

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter_Bedroom 1.jpg

It’s the evening, you’re cold and you can’t wait to jump into your warm cozy bed. How about jumping into some comforting flannel sheets. These sheets are sure to keep you toasty through the night. We’ve paired these Chambray Flannel sheets with a soft knit blanket for some extra comfort. Adding a lighter color rug with texture will help lighten the room and sure to feel good beneath your toes. The softness of the sheepskin pillows are cuddle worthy, whether you’re going to curl up in bed with them or to read a good book. Adding lamps in the bedrooms will help lighten the dark days. Art is an important aspect during the darker months, the bright painting helps bring a calmness to the room.

1. Art Piece - Cost Varies Depending on Size I  2. Beth Table Lamp - $515.00  I  3. Sheepskin Decorative Pillow - $158.00  I  4. Soft Rory Blanket - Queen $306.00  I  5. Nissa Rug - Cost Varies Depending on Size  I  6. Flannel Sheets - Queen Sheet Set $280.00

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter_Bedroom 2.jpg

We picked the same comfy Chambray Flannel sheets, and soft blanket for the bed. The oatmeal color is soft and neutral so you can be playful with the colors that you choose to pair with it. We went for a soothing palette. The rug we went with is a little bit more playful that has an assortment of neutral colors. The wool will for sure to keep your feet warm every time you get out of bed. The same sheepskin pillows come in three colors to help go with whatever palette you have in mind. The fun glass of the lamp will be playful when the light reflects off of it. The abstract art is soft, whimsical and light in its tone to lighten the mood.

1. Flannel Sheets - Queen Sheet Set $280.00 I  2. Art Piece - Cost Varies Depending on Size I  3. Acorn Lamp - $920.00  I  4. Neutral Wool Rug - Cost Varies Depending on Size  I 5. Sheepskin Decorative Pillow - $158.00 I 6. Soft Rory Blanket - Queen $306.00 

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter_Living Room 1.jpg

This soft gray modern living room is perfect for hanging out in or getting cozy with a good book. Every good living room needs that one chair that you can curl up with a cup of tea and a fluffy blanket. The gray wingback chair will envelop you as you curl up in. We chose a chunky wool throw that is smooth on one side and loose yarn on the other. Furry and fluffy textured pillows, are going to add warmth to any room. The little wool nubs in the rug are going to be cozy when laying in front of the fireplace. The soft grey tone of the lamp will calm the mood as it reflects off of the abstract art. This art piece with it’s pastel palette will bring you at ease when you get lost in the soft petals.

1. Bubble Glass Lamp - $480.00  I  2. Art Piece - Cost Varies Depending on Size I  3. Wingback Gray Chair - $2,860.00 + Shipping  I 4. Ivory Knit Wool Throw - $168.00 I  5. Curly Sheepskin Pillow - $84.00 I  6. Ivory Knit and Fur Pillow - $88.00  I  7. Wool and Viscose Rug - Cost Varies Depending on Size

How to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter_Living Room 2.jpg

This traditional style living room will bring you ease and comfort. We chose an oversized chair that will be your favorite place to relax in. The neutral palette is light and will brighten even the darkest of days. The rug is a wool and viscose blend and is soft and plush creating some depth to your room. The knitted wool pillows will be a great place to rest your head as you take a nap by the fire. Adding a little color to the mix you can pick from a variety of colors with this knitted wool throw. The simplicity of the lamp will bring an elegance to the room. Adding the final touch of the abstract landscape with its whimsical palette will make you dream about spring.

1. Hazel Chair - $2615.00 + Shipping  I  2. Juno Rug - Cost Varies Depending on Size I  3. Knitted Yarn Throw - $199.00  I  4. Ivory Knit and Fur Pillow - $88.00  I  5.  Knitted Fringe Ivory Pillow - $99.00 I  6. Art Piece - Cost Varies Depending on Size I  7. Bulb Lamp - $550.00