I am adding a master bedroom and bath to my existing home, as well as updating the rest of the house. She listens and, when asked, voices her opinions; yet, she always encourages me to make choices I am happy with. She beautifully balances her taste with mine.

There are so many decisions as well as issues to constantly follow up on. Emily has been fantastic in helping, managing and keeping track of all of these. She has been dependable, thorough, prompt, and easy to work with. Emily has coordinated with the contractor and his subs, working with his technical requirements and then translating them into terms I understand so I can make educated decisions. I highly recommend Emily Head!

Lyn Durand




My husband and I worked with Emily to assist the selection process of our home build. As someone who gets overwhelmed with the details, I wanted someone with me to advocate for my interests and help me make appropriate selections, which came together beautifully. She was warm, friendly, professional, and her expertise came through during our meetings.

Emily took time with me to go over my preferences and make sure her choices matched my style and vision for the home. Our choices were somewhat limited by budget constraints so in the few instances when I was unsure, Emily helped me understand when it was best to select an available option to stay within budget or when it would be worth it to spend a bit extra to get what we really wanted.

She was not only familiar with aesthetics, but also the quality of materials and finishes and how everything would fit with our lifestyle. For example, we wanted durable and waterproof flooring because we have three large dogs. Emily selected materials that would best suit our household and stay within our budget.

In the past, I have worked with designers who got "stuck" in their own vision of things or refused to be flexible due to catering to more wealthy clientele with unlimited resources. This wasn't the case with Emily at all. We threw a lot of challenges her way and she was able to adapt to our family’s unique needs. I was really impressed with her ability to work with us.

Emily is very easy to be around. She genuinely cares for each client and treated us like friends of the family. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for assistance designing their home.

Kat Park


Emily was a perfect partner in designing our Sisters home. She listened carefully and quickly understood the look and feel of what we were shooting for, carefully working within our budget. Together we enjoyed creating the spaces. She offered unique design ideas to make sure there were architectural and design surprises sprinkled throughout our home. Her sense of color and light were unifying with just the right amount of pop. I loved working with Emily and would do so again in a heart beat. But then why would I want to leave the space we created together?

Kay Grady—Sisters, Oregon

When we moved from downtown Portland to Central Oregon, we didn’t know how to translate our modern, clean Scandinavian design style to the bungalow/farmhouse vibe of our new home. (And, for an added challenge, my husband is an industrial designer with very specific preferences.) Emily and her team came to our rescue and provided the perfect amount of guidance and well-curated recommendations we needed to tie it all together and make it work. We love how it turned out and couldn’t have done it without Emily’s tremendous skills and remarkable talent for effective, efficient design.

Ben & Jenica Cogdill—Sisters, Oregon


Emily was instrumental in the beautiful outcome of a beachside home we remodeled in Laguna Beach, California. I was a little hesitant to work with a decorator from out of the area, but she was fantastic. The home finished as beautifully as any we have completed to date. Thank you for all you hard work, Emily, and best wishes for success on your continuing endeavors.

Ken Bailey—Ground to Gable, Inc.

Contractor Partner of Choice